1895 - Rand District Gold Discovery

1896 -  A Drug Store is built on the site of the Randsburg General Store (RGS) ,by Nicholas N. Miller and called: The Randsburg Drug Store. 

1898 - Two fires to the store.

1900 - The store is sold to George W. Turner, age 20.

1903 - One of Several Large Fires in Randsburg, the drug store is burned.

1904 - The Drug Store is rebuilt. The Soda Fountain arrives (purchased in Boston, MA) bought by Rand Drug Co. owner: Turner.

1905 - R.S. Cheney from Los Angeles buys the store.

1916 - Oscar Glanville buys the Drug Store.

1919 - Daniel & Anna Gunderson, and Wilson H. Jones buy the store.

1922 - Silver Mining Boom, Randsburg Inn built

1929 - Palace Saloon Fire (Burns 1/3 of Randsburg)

1938 - W.A. Hankammer, purchases the business & calls it:Jones Drug Company (He is the last Pharmacist to operate the business)

1949 - George & Connie Post (W.A.'s Daughter) buy RGS. The business becomes The Randsburg General Store

1980 - Mike and Jan Hillenbrand purchase and run the store

1996-2006  Subsequent owners (Kittell, Wilson, McNamee)

2006 - Present- Pam Keiser is the current owner


The Randsburg General Store has been in Continuous Operation Since 1896

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